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About Us

Heather Gould, photographer, web designer, etc, etcI am Heather Gould, the face sometimes seen peeking from behind the camera or lost behind the laptop. The site you're visiting is the most recent result of education based upon need.

My life has been documented on film since my first Polaroid camera given to me as a child. In my early teens, I saved every hard earned penny to invest in my Minolta XG-1, which served me well until the digital age hit full force. When film became impractical for my needs, I tried several digital cameras, but none provided the comfort that I found in my old SLR, and the purchase of my first Nikon DSLR felt like coming home.

My background is tightly woven with horses and dogs, and these have been the focus of much of my work. The result is that I have developed a niche in these worlds, but I also enjoy shooting people and capturing those touching and memorable events in life.

When the Internet became a force to be reckoned with, it was only natural that my dog and horse businesses would follow suit. The first website was a GeoCities site built with their WYSIWYG editor. This rapidly became limiting, and my launch into learning to design sites from scratch began.

About Capture Creations

A photo truly is worth a thousand words - or more - so yours should speak well for you. Whether you desire to have those special moments captured for the future or require photos for marketing purposes, let me make the most of your investment.

These days it is foolish for business to lack a presence on the web. With so many people researching and shopping around without ever actually leaving home, your business is likely to be overlooked by omission. Don't miss out! Getting yourself seen can be more affordable and simple than you might expect.

Though you will find me making reference to website "templates," these are sites designed specifically for your needs and styles. Each site is designed from the ground up for each individual client - there are no cookie-cutter sites designed by Capture Creations. Each site is a source of pride, and your success is my success.

Contact me today to discuss your photography needs - from marketing shots to senior portraits - or to get a quote for your new or redesigned website.



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