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Promoting the Versatile Aussie in Central New York!

HONYASC is an ASCA affiliated club dedicated to promoting the versatile Australian Shepherd, educating the public, and providing competetive and fun venues for interaction with this amazing breed. There are no geographical boundaries for membership, though the club is centered in central New York, and members range from Ohio to Canada to New England and down to Pennsylvania.

The club hosts three show weekends each year, in April, December, and our major event, the Dawg Daze of Summer each August. In January we celebrate the prior year's accomplishments with a seminar (free to members) and awards banquet. Club meetings are every other month, and are open to the general membership and guests.

Membership is encouraged for anyone eager to enjoy an active life with their Aussie. Our members are breeders, competitors, and companion dog owners who simply desire more ways to enjoy their Aussies. Our members are active in all areas of competition, including tracking, herding, rally, and agility, though currently the club only hosts conformation and obedience events on a routine basis. Involvement in HONYASC provides guidance and mentoring to those seeking to become involved in these areas, and newcomers are encouraged to become actively involved in the events the club hosts.

Take a look at the Events page for upcoming shows and meetings, and come check us out!


Join us for the 2017 Dawg Daze of Summer and I <3 NY Regional Specialty



HONYASC and Mini Aussies

The Heart of New York ASC has wholeheartedly accepted ASCA's position in regards to "mini" and "toy" Aussies:

"The Miniature Australian Shepherd, North American Shepherd, North American Miniature Australian Shepherd, and/or Toy Australian Shepherd breeds are not recognized as a variety of Australian Shepherd by ASCA. The club considers such dogs to be a distinct and separate breed (the Miniature American Shepherd) and will not accept them into its registry.

"Our bylaws state that ASCA's purpose is: 'To encourage members and breeders to accept one breed standard for the Australian Shepherd as approved by the Club as the only standard of excellence by which Australian Shepherds shall be judged.' It is the mission of this club and the mission of its members to preserve the breed rather than change it"

Comment: ASCA wishes to respond to the breeders of small and tiny dogs resembling Australian Shepherds who claim they are producing a size variety. The Aussie was never intended to be selected for size: it was developed to be a functional working dog capable of handling tough stock and going for miles in the back country or snow drifts. Changing the appearance of the breed to personal aesthetic tastes rather than suitability for work does not fulfill ASCA's mission statement: "to preserve the Australian Shepherd as an intelligent working dog of strong herding and guardian instincts."


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